MIT Self-Assembly Lab Collaborates with BMW to develop inflatables

Skylar Tibbits and his team at the Self-Assembly Lab, housed at the IDC, are working on inflatable materials with BMW.

The new process, called Liquid Printed Pneumatics, prints materials into gel, similar to the process the lab developed with Steelcase called Rapid Liquid Gel Printing. This new method of printing allows materials to inflate and transform on their own.

Fast Company: MIT and BMW are building the stretchy, inflatable future of cars

Researchers at the MIT Little Devices Lab release Ampli kits to provide DIY diagnostic tools

The Little Devices team has developed a kit of “Ampli blocks” which allow scientists and lab technicians to design their own diagnostic tools to treat local patients. The inexpensive kits contain reusable blocks that can be assembled to diagnose a number of diseases.

MIT News: Plug-and-play diagnostic devices: Modular blocks could enable labs around the world to cheaply and easily build their own diagnostics.