MIT Classes

The IDC offers space for a wide range of classes spanning the unique design work at MIT.

Spring 2019 Classes
4.032/4.033 Design Studio: Information and Visualization Ben Fry
2.980/2.98 Sports Technology: Engineering & Innovation Peko Hosoi & Christina Chase
4.043 Advanced Interactions Marcelo Coelho
21A.311 The Social Lives of Medical Objects Amy Moran & Jose Gomez-Marquez
4.501/4.511 Advanced Design Projects in Digital Fabrication Larry Sass
2.739/15.738 Product Design and Development Maria Yang
2.00a Design for Exploration: Earth, Sea and Space Dan Frey
4.S52 Material Interfaces for User-Centered Design Maroula Bacharidou
Fall 2018 Classes
6.81 Engineering Interactive Technologies Stefanie Mueller
3.007/22.03 Design Thinking in Nuclear Engineering Mike Short & Elsa Olivetti
4.021 Design Studio: How to Design Skylar Tibbits & Maroula Bacharidou
4.500 Introduction to Design Computing Larry Sass
2.980/2.98 Sports Technology: Engineering and Innovation Peko Hosoi & Christina Chase
22.033 Nuclear Systems Design Project Zach Hartwig
4.411/EC.713 D-Lab Schools - Building Technology Laboratory Les Norford
Spring 2018 Classes
2.S983 Sports Technology: Engineering & Innovation Peko Hosoi & Christina Chase
2.739/15.783 Product Design and Development Maria Yang
4.501 Creative Design Prototyping Larry Sass
4.511 Advanced Topics in Digital Fabrication Larry Sass
4.032/4.033 Design Studio: Information & Visualization
4.141/4.142 How to Design (Almost) Anything Skylar Tibbits
2.00C/1.015/EC.746 Design for Complex Environmental Issues Ari Epstein and Libby Hsu

Design Workshops

For our Industry Members, the IDC offers workshops, bringing together multi-disciplinary teams of faculty, researchers and staff along with industry colleagues to provide radical design research on relevant industry topics. This transformational approach to innovative design research on industry challenges will allow academia and industry to collaborate to bring solutions to market. For more information, please contact Deb Payson


For more information please contact Chris Haynes, IDC Shop Manager.

The IDC shops support all the making activities for members of the IDC design community. This includes the resident labs, programs, Edgerton clubs/teams and IDC Makers (which includes the IDC MakerLodge). The 13,650-square-foot facility is designed to be highly flexible to meet the needs of our diverse student body. The IDC has some of the best commercially available equipment, as well as systems designed by our own faculty members. We have fabrication, testing, 3D printers, laser cutting, open space and more. Please visit the IDC Shop website.

MIT Bootcamps

The MIT Bootcamps team hosted a 25 participant Internet of Things program at the IDC, using the garage space to host interactive lectures and labs. Students developed projects that sense, connect, infer, and act, with access to the IDC’s shop space and hardware and electronic prototyping tools supporting their efforts. Learn More.