• Architecture, Representation and Computation Group (ARC)

    Innovates computation for solving problems stemmed in contexts of architectural design practice.

  • Design Fabrication Group

    Explores the application of digital fabrication for building delivery.

  • Self-Assembly Lab

    Develops self-assembly and programmable material technologies aimed at reimagining construction, manufacturing, product assembly and performance.

  • Short Lab

    Designs materials, methods & modifications to realize large-scale energy generation from nuclear materials degradation.

  • Little Devices Lab

    Explores the design, invention, and policy spaces for DIY health technologies around the world.

  • Urban Risk Lab

    Develops methods, prototypes and technologies to embed risk reduction and preparedness into the design of cities and regions to increase the resilience of local communities.

  • Ideation Laboratory

    Works to deepen the theoretical foundations of early stage design process across product design, engineering design and system design.

  • HCI Engineering Group

    Develops and builds novel hardware and software systems that advance personal fabrication technologies.

  • Software Design Group

    Researches ways to make software better.

  • Marcelo Coelho Lab

    Computation designer working on objects, installations, and live experiences.

  • Design & Invention Group

    Researches technological progress dynamics.

  • Sang-Gook Kim Lab

    Piezoelectric MEMS, Energy Harvesting (Micro, Solar, Water Splitting), Axiomatic Design

  • Karen Willcox Aero-Astro Lab

    Studies reduced-order modeling, uncertainty quantification, multidisciplinary design optimization, aircraft system design, data to decisions in aerospace systems, educational technology and educational analytics.