MIT Team Digitally Documents Machu Picchu

Takahiko Nagakura, who leads the Architecture Representation and Computation Group, has lead the first group to digitally capture and document Machu Picchu.

“We believe that documentation through computational techniques for the digitalization of architectural monuments is key to the preservation of the cultural heritage of humanity,” Nagakura says.

MIT News: MIT team digitizes historic sanctuary of Machu Picchu

The MIT Urban Risk Lab is building the first PrebHub in Portland, OR

The MIT Urban Risk Lab, housed at the IDC, is collaborating with the City of Portland, Portland State University and Portland General Electric to install a PrepHub which helps with emergency preparedness.  The PrepHub, which is artistic and fills the role of public art, serves as a meeting location during disasters, and offers the community a portal for communication and more.

KATU: First of its kind emergency ‘Prep Hub’ to be designed, built and installed in Portland

The MIT Self-Assembly Lab creates inflatables with their Rapid Liquid Printing technology

The Self-Assembly Lab, in collaboration with Swiss designer Christoph Guberan created inflatable lamps and other pieces for an exhibition at the Patrick Parrish Gallery in New York.

MIT professor Skylar Tibbits, who founded and co-directs the Lab, neatly describes its material experimentations as threefold: “One is on self-assembly, how things come together on their own; one is on programmable materials, how materials change shape, change property, and so forth.”

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