MakerHealth helps improve patient care

Jose Gomez-Marquez and Anna Young, leaders of the Little Devices Lab which is housed at the IDC, have traveled far and wide to help hospitals hack healthcare to quickly improve patient care.

“People call these the unmentionables of medicine,” Gomez-Marquez says. “It has nothing to do with making a cool wearable that tracks your steps. These are people on the front lines, thinking about these types of important hacks.”

MIT News: How to turn clinicians into makers: Providing training, resources, MakerHealth helps nurses and doctors hack medical equipment to improve patient care.


Auxetic materials in design and architecture

A team at the Self-Assembly Lab recently published an article on their work with auxetic materials. Auxetic materials are transformable and adapt to their environment. Athina Papadopoulou, Jared Laucks and Skylar Tibbits recently wrote an article “Auxetic materials in design and architecture” that explains this advance in materials.

Nature:  Auxetic materials in design and architecture