News — May 5th, 2019

Scaling solutions for the developing world

Ideation Laboratory

D-Lab class, Design for Scale, teaches students to manufacture products for a larger audience

This class began with the goal of scaling solutions for as many as possible. “We were working with people who were trying to solve some of the biggest problems in the developing world, but we realized that just coming up with a proof-of-technology prototype wasn’t enough,” explains Harald Quintus-Bosz, lecturer at MIT D-Lab and chief technology officer at Cooper Perkins, Inc. “We have to scale the solution so it can reach as many people as possible.”

PHOTO: Students in the MIT D-Lab class 2.729
Image: Jiani Zeng

“This class is unique because all the projects already have working prototypes,” explains Maria Yang, class co-instructor and professor of mechanical engineering. “We are asking students to design a way to manufacture the product that’s more cost-efficient and effective.”

Maria Yang is the Faculty Director for Academics Instructor, D-Lab: Design for Scale & Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Systems.

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