News — December 18th, 2018

The future of shopping: customizable garments

Self-Assembly Lab

Customizable Materials

The MIT Self-Assembly Lab (housed at the IDC), is collaborating with the Ministry of Supply to offer customizable clothing in stores.

"This smart sweater doesn’t need a battery, nor is it robotically knitted using metal thread or shape memory alloy, which would traditionally be used to make a material change its form. Instead, the fabric shrinks when exposed to heat, thanks to both the structure of the knit and the combination of materials used. While the researchers wouldn’t get more specific about those materials, they say that the shape-shifting technology depends on the way that two different off-the-shelf materials interact together when they’re exposed to heat."

The smart sweater will be available in Ministry of Supply stores in Spring of 2019.

Fast Company: Ministry of Supply will tailor this sweater to your body while you wait.