Senior Engineer, Little Devices Lab

Aditya Barve

Research Scientist, Urban Risk Lab

John Brisson

Professor of Mechanical Engineering Director, MIT/SUTD Collaboration Office

Jesse DeLaughter

Academic Administrator, MIT-SUTD Collaboration

Michael Fischer

Professor of Anthropology & Science & Technology Studies

Dan Frey

Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Jonathan Griffith

Assistant Director, MIT-SUTD Collaboration

Jose Gomez-Marquez

Instructor & Research Scientist, Director of the MIT Little Devices Lab

Chris Haynes

Shop Manager

Tomas Holderness

Research Scientist, Urban Risk Lab

Daniel Jackson

Professor, Computer Science; MacVicar Fellow

Schendy Kernizan

Project Manager, Self-Assembly Lab

Sang-Gook Kim

Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Matt Kressy

Director and Founder, IDM

Julie Kukharenko

Financial Administrator

Jared Laucks

Research Scientist and Co-Director, Self-Assembly Lab

Chris Magee

Professor of the Practice of Engineering Systems, Co-Director of the IDC

Miho Mazereeuw

Assistant Professor of Architecture, Director of the Urban Risk Lab

David Moses

Research Scientist, Urban Risk Lab

Takehiko Nagakura

Associated Professor, Architecture, Director of the Computation Group

Richard de Neufville

Professor of Engineering and Civil and Environmental Engineering, MIT Institute for Data, Systems and Society

Oksana Lasowsky

Shop Manager


PhD Candidate, Design Computation, Self-Assembly Lab

Deb Payson

Director of Strategy & Outreach

Chris Saulnier

Research Assistant, MIT-SUTD Collaboration Office

Larry Sass

Associate Professor of Architecture

Michael Short

Assistant Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering

Bjorn Sparrman

Research Specialist, Self-Assembly Lab

Skylar Tibbits

Assistant Professor of Design Research in the Department of Architecture, Director of the Self-Assembly Lab

Karen Willcox

Professor of Aeronautics & Astronautics

Maria Yang

Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Director of the Ideation Laboratory

Anna Young

Lecturer, Co-Founder & Health Maker at Pop Up Labs