students discussing computer model rendering
students discussing computer model rendering on white board
Students working in research labs

Design Workshops

For our Industry Members, the IDC offers a design workshop to bring together a multi-disciplinary team of faculty, researchers and staff along with industry colleagues to provide radical design research on relevant industry topics.  This transformational approach to innovative design research on industry challenges will allow academia and industry to collaborate to bring solutions to market.


MIT Classes
Hosted by the IDC

The IDC offers space for a wide range of classes spanning the unique design work at MIT.

FALL 2017

4.032/4.033 — Design Studio: Information and Visualization: Richard The 

4.500/4.512 — Introduction to Design Computing: Larry Sass

6.S063 — Engineering Interactive Technologies: Stefanie Mueller

22.033/22.33 — Nuclear Systems Design Project: Mike Short 

The Integrated Design & Management Master's Program's core curriculum is taught at the IDC.