The IDC Consortium is the entrance for companies who want to connect to MIT's leading design researchers.  The Consortium provides a comprehensive and exciting way to develop collaborations across the IDC's faculty, researchers and staff.

Leaders of the IDC are working towards taking our research results to applications and are interested in new research and development that holds particular interest to industrial partners.  

We are bringing the radical design innovation of MIT and the relevant work of industry together through energized collaboration.  

COMMUNITY: events, newsletter and access to faculty, researchers and other industry leaders

EDUCATION: design session or challenge with a multi-disciplinary group of researchers, work with students, facilitate class projects

RESEARCH: access to leading edge research reports, collaboration opportunities, meetings and collaboration on research projects

The IDC has 2 levels: Premiere Design Partner & Design Member. To learn more about which opportunity best fits your company, please contact Deb. Join us!




Thank you to the Singapore University of Technology and Design for being our partner and collaborator! 


Industry Attendees

at the 2017 IDC Industry Day